Working Lunch Agreement

3. It must be clear in the written agreement that the contract is revocable by you at any time. DEAR READERS: Last week`s column, which also focused on the lunch break, elicited several reactions. This column dealt with the legality of a credit union or bank that requires its employees to stay on site during their lunch break. It`s legal. Here`s an example of responses: “I would advise the customer that because they pay employees for the time they work during lunch, they minimize the possible exposure,” he said. “However, they do not comply with the requirement of the rest of the New York Labor Code; so they are still exposed to some risk of exposure, even if only in the form of civil penalties/fines. Employers must therefore make and facilitate appropriate arrangements to allow their employees to take sufficient breaks from work. DEAR CARRIE: I own a small business with three employees. They work from 8.m a.m. to 3 p.m.m. Monday to Friday. You get a half-hour lunch break.

I have found that instead of taking their lunch break, my employees prefer to work to get paid for that time and can leave early. So they eat their bagels or sandwiches at their desk. I don`t know if it`s legal for them to skip their lunch break, even if they get paid when they work there. .


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