Victorian Health Sector Enterprise Agreement

ALL staff members will have the opportunity to vote on the final agreement, whether or not you have appointed a representative. If you have any questions throughout the process, you will be asked to ask them by contacting the email address If you wish to appoint another person, including yourself, as an independent negotiator, please send the name, title and contact information of your appointed independent representative to in writing, with your signature and date, so that we can ensure that the appointee will be associated with the negotiation meetings. You can name yourself if you wish. Victoria`s public health sector employs more than 80,000 full-time equivalents. These include doctors, nurses and midwives, health scientists, mental health nurses, technicians, administrative and office staff, engineers, caterers, cleaners, gardeners and a number of other workers at more than a hundred sites across the state. . You don`t need to appoint a representative if you don`t want to. The Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 was formally approved by the Fair Work Commission on 2 October 2020 and put into operation on 9 October 2020. Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (PDF, 6.33 Mb) Employees receive a mobility payment that must be paid as an annual fee to appreciate their ongoing commitment to these new ways of working. This document defines the process by which you can appoint someone to represent you in negotiations. If you are a member of the Health Workers Union (HWU), it will automatically be your representative in negotiations, unless you nominate someone else. Throughout the process, we will keep you and your representatives informed of the progress of the negotiations.

The parties to the agreement have committed to implementing changes in the way the Victorian government works and provides services by agreeing on the principles of “labour mobility”. The principles recognise that the services required by the Community of a modern public service are not static; They change all the time. This information applies to all Eastern Health employees under the Victorian Public Health Sector (Health and Allied Services, Manager and Administrative Workers) Single Interest Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020 (agreement). The adoption of changing priorities is essential for the creation of a secure and flexible employment framework in the public service. The parties recognized the importance of ensuring that employees can be deployed in a reactive manner to support government priorities. Health Industrial Relations Branch, GPO Box 4541 Melbourne VIC 3001 Under fair work legislation, Eastern Health is required to provide all employees covered by the new agreement with a communication that sets out their rights of representation in negotiations. . . .


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