Texas Residential Lease Agreement Laws

In Texas, rent and rental agreement laws do not set a limit on sureties, but require landlords to recover deposits (minus the amount used for cleaning and repairs) within 30 days of terminating the lease. Beyond the usual anti-discrimination measures found under federal law, Texas also prohibits prejudice based on family status. It is important for tenants and landlords to know that any measure provided for in this section does not exempt the tenant from any liability for late or late rent that existed before the tenant informed the tenant of the intention to evacuate the premises in accordance with this section. Any overdue rent is always the tenant`s responsibility and is a potential reason to take action under Texas Landlord Tenant laws that regulate overdue and unpaid rents that do not meet rental terms. Tenants can also terminate the lease in certain situations, for example. B as victims of sexual offences, harassment and “certain decisions relating to military service” under 92.017. A lessor who refuses to accept the early voluntary lease may be held liable for civil penalties, fines and court costs as well as attorneys` fees. In Texas, the landlord must notify a tenant in writing for three days to evacuate the property before filing an action for forced detention, also known as eviction. . .



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