Tenancy Agreement Nihe

After the death of a safe tenant, the lease may be inherited from certain family members who live in the property. If the deceased was a tenant, the remaining tenant becomes the only tenant. The association must receive the tenant`s application for succession within one month of the tenant`s death and may be granted in the following circumstances: leases must comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if issued after October 1, 2015, and unfair terms in consumer contracts Regulations 1999 if they were issued before that date. Trading standards are responsible for dealing with complaints about unfair contracts, including leases, in Northern Ireland. Your sub-tenants will be treated as members of your household according to the terms of your tenancy. If your rental agreement is on or after the 1st Your rights also include: rental agreements should be written in simple English and should not contain excessively complex legal clauses. The lease should include the duration of the lease. The duration of the lease is six months if: a lease is a legally binding contract, just like a mobile or broadband service contract. As soon as you sign a lease or commit, you are required to continue paying the rent until the landlord agrees to terminate the contract, the contract reaches a natural end, and you have indicated that you do not want it to continue, that is, the property is no longer available to you because someone else has moved in. If you rent a property to a group, you can conclude an individual agreement with any tenant.

This can make things easier if a tenant breaks the lease and allows you to have the lease taken over by a new tenant without compromising your agreements with other tenants. If you add a clause contrary to a tacit clause, the clause in the rental agreement takes precedence. However, it is important to remember that you cannot insert clauses in a rental agreement that restrict or take away the fundamental rights of your tenant. Tenants You have the right to accommodate sub-tenants without having to obtain the agreement of Newington HA. However, you must provide us with their names and all the rents you have calculated. It is also important that you can, if necessary, inform the housing allowance, as this may affect your rights. Read both carefully before signing your rental commitment. If you leave the lease prematurely without your landlord`s consent, even with the necessary termination, you could still be held liable for the rent until the end of the lease. Make sure your lease is as accessible as possible. This means that it must be available in a format that meets your client`s needs and is written in a language that the tenant can understand. If you have just completed your 12-month introductory rental contract or transferred it from NIHE or another social landlord, you automatically benefit from a secure rental agreement in accordance with the Housing Order (NI) 2003.

The Housing Regulation grants tenants of the registered housing company legal rights, in accordance with the terms of the tenant`s guarantee. If you need additional copies of the tenant`s warranty, please contact our office.


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