Simple Agent Agreement

The document serves as an information sheet containing relevant details about both parties, the client and the agent. It also describes the nature of the client`s activity. Protect yourself if you ask an agent to sell your products or if you are designated as a sales agent with this sales agency contract. Use this agreement to appoint an agent on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. This simple commercial agent contract contains everything necessary to protect a customer with a product for sale as well as the designated commercial agent and ensure that they are both compliant with the law. It shall include the basis of the designation, the geographical areas or area, the obligations of the contracting authority and the agent, the minimum turnover targets, the commission and how to terminate the agency contract. While it should contain the terms that you and your agent have already agreed, it should also mention the goals you want to take away from this agreement. You can define them in the terms of the agreement. Sales agency contract, exclusivity contract and exclusivity contract. This is a warning to those who are about to make a deal with agents….


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