Goat Lease Agreement

If you have few breeding animals, it may be helpful to laze a goat by finding a breeder who wants to “live report” instead of owning the animal. If you choose to keep does from the original breeding, you will have to buy another goat for further breeding. I have created a template for your use. Feel free to download for your own use. As always, please share your experiences and best practices in the comments below! I`d love to hear from you! If you intend to show your pet, you should evaluate based on racial norms. Once you`ve found that the money fits well with your program and the biosecurity assessment is up to date, it`s important to enter into a contract between you and the owner of the money. A draft contract may be available from the breeding body. The search for goats can be done through listservs, breeding associations, Facebook groups or other public forums…


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