Forward Purchase Agreement Translate

the agent is not responsible for the validity or value (or the nature or quantity) of common shares or securities or real estate that may be issued or delivered at any time in respect of a forward purchase agreement; And the agent has no assurance about it. Where allowances holding more than one forward purchase agreement are issued simultaneously by the same holder for settlement, the number of ordinary shares delivered at settlement shall be calculated on the basis of the total number of forward purchase agreements that are proved by the certificates thus issued. The Agent is not responsible for the Company`s failure to issue, transfer or deliver common shares pursuant to a Forward Purchase Agreement or to comply with any of the Company`s obligations, liabilities or obligations set forth in this Section. By the effective date, the company must have provided the agent with copies of the trust agreement, warrant agreement, private placement unit sales agreement, futures purchase agreement, registration right agreement, insider letter, service agreement and commercial marketing agreement. In accordance with the futures purchase agreement, the promoter has waived all rights and rights it may have in respect of the revenues and shareholdings held in the trust account in respect of the futures purchase securities. . . .


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