Duct Agreement

It is difficult to focus on urban canal infrastructure. The alternative to urban networks is the use of Telus channels. Telus is required by the CRTC to provide excess channels at a fixed rate of approximately 90 cents per metre of channel. These formulas would give $16,000 in rent per year to the length of the urban canal to be used. Over 20 years, this would represent a present value of about $180,000, which is significantly lower than the value the city would derive from the current proposal. Therefore, employees believe that the Urban Network proposal offers the city good value for the use of the urban asset. CONCLUSION – Lines that have not been served within three years of signing an agreement are no longer part of the agreement. At present, the city is also looking at its own telecommunications needs. In addition, our agreement would require urban networks to install their cable in such a way that additional cables can be placed in the same channels in the future. The city has a network of existing telecommunications channels in Vancouver…


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