Dog Walking Agreement Pdf

It is explicitly accepted that the owner retains the services of the Walker as an independent contractor and not as an employee. 1.2. The hiker undertakes to provide with care, reliability and precaution the agreed services, and the owner undertakes to provide all the necessary information to support this service. 1.3. The walker undertakes to inform the owner of any incident related to the dog that may be relevant for the care and well-being of the dog. 1.4. The Rollator is powered and equipped with a shovel and garbage bags and properly removes the dog`s feces from all public places. 1.5. The hiker reserves the right to walk at the same time as other compatible dogs, but undertakes to limit to 4 (4) the number of dogs that walk with a person.

1.6. The owner provides belts, collars and appropriate linen authorized by the hiker, as well as, if necessary, coats or mules. 1.7. The hiker is not required to perform tasks other than those indicated on the owner`s information sheet and the pet information sheet. 2. Damages 2.1. The hiker receives the amount of £_________ 2.2. A monthly deduction of £_______ 3. Duration 3.1. This dog Walking Contract occurs at _____ Leave the _____day of _____ ___ OR B. Termination if either party takes 7 (7) days` notice in writing….


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