Credit Agreement 14 Day Cooling Off

Visit the Financial Conduct Authority for more information on your rights when terminating credit agreements. Whether you threw yourself into your deal or found a better deal elsewhere, you should be able to terminate your auto finance contract for up to 14 days after signing on the polka dot line. This two-week period is called the “reflection period”. There are exceptions to this rule, for credit agreements concluded in one of the following circumstances that are not covered by the right of withdrawal: a lender must check your creditworthiness before offering you a credit agreement. Sometimes the supplier of the goods or services you purchase arranges the credit agreement. You can terminate before the lender signs, but the time you need to terminate can be short. Note: There is generally no right to terminate consumer credit agreements in the short term, i.e. when the loan is granted for a period of less than two months mentioned in the contract. Nor is there a right to terminate a consumer credit agreement on the ground that the disclosure has not been made to a guarantor (see “guarantor” in this chapter). . . .


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