Und Transfer Agreement

If you are transferred from one of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), you will meet the ET Essential Studies requirements (with the exception of a capstone division 3 credits), if one of the following conditions is met during or after 2001: credits that have not been successfully obtained (F grade) that would be transferred to the university if their completion were successful, will also be transferred to the university and will affect the cumulative average of students. If you have 24 transferable college credits (including processing), you must meet the following criteria to be admitted to the ET: refer to articulation agreements transfers or Equivalencies Race (TES) to see how your credits can be transferred to ET. In the event of a change of a university or university outside the United States, a course-by-course evaluation of non-U.S. countries. Post-secondary credentials are required. The application form is available at: www.wes.org. The WES ICAP assessment must be submitted in addition to all official transcripts/academic notes of all secondary schools visited, as well as English translations word by word. If transfer students have completed less than 24 transferable semesters and are under 25 years of age, they must provide the official results of the ACT or SAT tests. Once you have received your credit statement, you should contact your advisor in your university department to determine how your transferred credits apply to your studies. Please note that some credits accepted by THE AND may NOT meet the specific requirements for your studies.

Our transfer license expert is at your disposal. UND has program articulation agreements with several institutions to support the transfer process. A credit chart showing only the number of credits transferred and the institution of origin is included in the university of North Dakota`s copy after the student is admitted to the University of North Dakota. A detailed list of the courses will be made available to students and advisors. All of the student`s previous work is part of the permanent and student entrance. All transfer work posted on the student`s official transcript is grouped into semi-annual credits. Work entrusted by establishments using neighbourhood systems or other systems is converted into semi-annual credits.


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